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Everything in a NUT shell!!!!!
Sup ya'll hahahaha like the title says in a NUT shell.

Well you know most of ya'll know me but then there are those who don't so this is for you.  My name is Ashley Shockley. I am 16 and getting my license in2 months and some days. I am really into God and church I mean i am going 2 school 2 be a youth pastor. I am a  softball fanatic hehehehehe I am a pitcher and well  play a lil 2nd base. Well i guess that is it.

My favorites:
MUSIC: wow so much well there is this group called 7-Miles they are awesome I am actually going 2 see them this weekend, then there is my future husband KENNY CHESNEY!!!!!!!!!, then i like all different kinds of music like country, pop, hip hop, R&D a lil bit of rap, some rock and I guess that is it. 
MOVIES:Eveafter (cinderella movie), uhhh wow hard topic uhhh lets see, oh yeah Finding Nemo, The Incredbles (I like it for a special reason), Friday Night Lights (good movie), well that is it for no I gues!!
TV SHOWS: CSI (the orginal) Gilmore Girls, Boy Meets World, One Tree Hill (cChad Micheal Murry), Smallville (Tom Welling) uhhhh another hard one welli will have more later!!!


More faves to come!!!!!

Blues Guitar

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

If you have IM mine is sbllptchr20 if you have MSN mine is sballplaya20.